3D Modeler and Animator

Who AM I?

My name is Troy Hankins, my specialties are in 3D modeling and animation. I will be graduating from Washington State University Vancouver, with a major in Digital Technology and Culture and  minors in both Business Administration and Psychology. In my time at WSUV I have worked in multiple teams, most notably as the 3D Content team leader in the Senior Seminar class for the DTC program.

 I enjoy working with people in order to create the best outcome possible for a project. Whether I am working alone or in a group, I personally strive to create quality content, while cultivating a positive work environment. It is important to me that my clients are satisfied with my work and are confident in my ability to produce the best content possible for their needs.

Outside of 3D modeling and animation, I am a loving husband and enjoy gaming with my wife. I am a proud pet owner of a bunny and two cats. My family is very important to me; they motivate me to work hard every day, pursue what I love, and achieve my goals. 

Contact me

Contact me for work inquiries.

Phone: 360-773-8353   
 Email: troy.hankins123@gmail.com